GPAINNOVA to present the New DLyte Desktop Series at IDS

GPAINNOVA, the global leading company in surface finishing electropolishing technologies, will take part from 22 to 25 September, 2021, at the International Dental Show (IDS). During this event, GPAINNOVA will exhibit, for the first time in Cologne, Germany, its newest machines: DLyte Desktop Series, the first ultra-compact dry electropolishing devices on the market. Due to its low price, they are affordable to any dental laboratory, allowing production automation.  

GPAINNOVA will also showcase its Compact Series and DLyte PRO500, the most advanced and powerful dry electropolishing solution for mass production labs.  

Based on the DLyte system and the DryLyte Technology, DLyte Desktop Series machines reduce costs by up to 80%, since RPDs (removable partial dentures) can be homogenously finished without the need of multi-step manual processes. Thus, technicians can optimise its working time by concentrating on value-added tasks.

DLyte Desktop Series also improves the work environment by replacing traditional hand polishing and hazardous materials. The surface finishing automation protects professionals from exposure to the chemical agents at work. Its consumables used are safe and clean, without hazards of chemical liquid waste or dust during the polishing process.   

The machines are suitable for any lab due to its small dimensions (450x521x471 mm), and do not require a special pre-existing or compressed air installation as it works with a plug-and-play system.

DLyte Desktop Series are available in two versions: DLyte Desktop Dental, for laboratories needing to polish cobalt-chrome (CoCr) parts, and DLyte Desktop PRO, for CoCr and titanium.