Grin Natural USA partners with The TeleDentists for dental education and eco-friendly oral products

Image via Dental Products Report

Grin Natural has announced a partnership with The TeleDentists to lead US consumers in oral health. Through this partnership, consumers will be able to discuss oral health conditions with dental professionals from anywhere, while also receiving product recommendations.

This partnership was brought on by study results indicating a drop-off in oral healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Leah Sigler, president of The TeleDentists.

“Using Grin Natural oral care products with the guidance of The TeleDentists dental professionals, customers will be able to improve their oral health while in the comfort of their own home,” Sigler said in a press release from Grin Natural. “As a dental hygienist, it makes me proud that The TeleDentists works with an eco-conscious company that helps their customers find effective all-natural products.”

Grin and The TeleDentists will also release a series of interviews with professionals, designed to increase literacy on oral healthcare.

Rena Chen, CEO of Grin Natural USA, also commented: “Oral care is self-care and is essential to our overall health. Partnering with The TeleDentists is critical to bring accessible professional dental care to more consumers wherever they are and whenever they have dental concerns. Even better, consumers will also get personalised recommendations for Grin’s sustainable oral care products from the experts at The TeleDentists.

“We are committed to bring the best overall oral care to all families. Our proud partnership with The TeleDentists is an important milestone on this journey, making comprehensive oral care experience a reality by combining effective natural products and professional consultations.”