Henry Schein Orthodontics launches Carriere Motion Pro bite corrector

Henry Schein Orthodontics (HSO) has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of the Carriere Motion Pro bite corrector. The newest addition to the Motion portfolio is fitted to teeth to treat the anteroposterior dimension of a patient’s occlusion, allowing clinicians to achieve a Class I platform within an average of three to six months of treatment, and before placing brackets or aligners.

With the unique ability to treat both Class II and Class III patients with one device, the new bite corrector features a custom-designed drop-in hook to enhance treatment versatility. The wider reinforced cuspid pad hook ensures a consistent distribution of elastic forces, while the hook’s deep undercut simplifies elastic engagements and effectively secures the Force Oral Elastics, a portfolio of products designed to work with Motion appliances to provide great results. An upcoming addition to the portfolio, the Force 3 Elastics, will be available soon.

Carriere Motion Pro
(Image: Henry Schein Orthodontics)

The new bite corrector also features a built-in scribe line, flat faces, straight edges, and a recessed dimple, helping to provide intuitive and accurate placement. This efficient design provides fast and predictable treatment, and the condyle shaped joint is designed to facilitate more natural and controlled movement.

“As Henry Schein Orthodontics continues to invest in innovative orthodontic products, we are pleased to announce the latest addition of the new Carriere Motion Pro,” said Christophe Carsault, vice president and general manager, Henry Schein Orthodontics.

“Just as the original Motion appliance revolutionized the way many orthodontists approach sagittal correction, we are confident that the new Carriere Motion Pro will similarly advance orthodontics and help enhance our customers capabilities to achieve more efficient and predictable aligner and orthodontic treatment. We look forward to additional educational offerings and supporting our customers’ innovation to help them deliver a new standard of care with the Carriere Motion Pro.”

Like the Carriere Motion Pro, the original Motion appliances were created by Dr Luis Carrière, who also popularized the ‘SAGITTAL FIRST’ philosophy, an approach to care that helps standardise simplify, and shorten Class II and Class III treatment time by treating the AP dimension at the beginning of treatment.

“I am happy to introduce the Carriere Motion Pro as a solution of honest and sophisticated design driven to maximise treatment efficiency and precision as well as patient comfort with an absolute ease of use,” said Dr Carrière.

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