Henry Schein refreshes ACCLEAN brand with help of dental hygienists

Henry Schein has announced a refresh of its ACCLEAN brand, a line of preventive care products designed with the help of hygienists, organised in a three-stage packaging system.

The first stage is called “Clean and Polish”, which contains products designed to clean teeth during regular hygiene visits. Second is the “Treat and Protect” stage to help patients keep up with standard oral hygiene after their visit. The final stage is the “Home Care” portion, where patients receive products that help them keep track of oral care at home.

According to Mike Nelson, vice-president of global marketing at Henry Schein Brands, this brand refresh was developed with the help of more than 400 hygienists in the US and has been made more contemporary to reach a wider audience.

“We at Henry Schein know that our customers rely on us to provide high-quality, high-value products that help simplify their day-to-day operations, and that is exactly why we’ve refreshed the ACCLEAN brand,” Nelson said in a press release. “The new look and feel of ACCLEAN has been contemporized and elevated to better align with the quality of our products and create a more seamless experience for dental hygienists.”

New products such as the ACCLEAN Ultrasonic Scaler have also been added to the brand. This ultrasonic scaler has a dual frequency 25k/30k technology to detect inserts to integrate with existing equipment. It also contains an autogain technology for maintaining power.

ACCLEAN prophy paste, whitening strips, and varnish treatments will all remain available for dental hygienists. The ACCLEAN brand portfolio will be distributed exclusively through Henry Schein.