iF Design Award for SIROLaser Blue handpiece

The SIROLaser Blue handpiece was named a winner of an iF Design Award this year by iF International Forum Design. The award ceremony will be held at the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany.


Sirona won one of the prestigious annual iF Design Awards for the handpiece of its new SIROLaser Blue. The laser, which is used in dental surgery, edged out around 5,300 submissions from 53 countries to win one of a total of 800 awards in five different categories. The laser handpiece features a slim design in high-quality stainless steel that creates an attractive contrast to the control unit material. The iF Design Awards have been given since 1954 and are among the most important design awards in the world.

The blue light of the Sirona SIROLaser Blue, featuring a wavelength of 445 nanometers, is absorbed by haemoglobin about 100 times better than infrared light. This enables surgeons to make fast, precise, atraumatic incisions, even without any contact of the fibre tip to tissue. Treatment is thus less painful for patients, meaning less or even no local anaesthetic is required. The procedure is gentle to tissue and reduces wound pain and scar formation. SIROLaser Blue has two additional wavelengths and can therefore be used not only for endodontic and periodontology treatment, but for the treatment of aphthous ulcers, herpes and for low-level laser treatment (LLLT) as well.