Implantology with mectron: simple and safe, even in difficult cases

Restoring a narrow alveolar ridge with implants poses a risk because in many treatment cases, the bone has to be augmented.

This not only increases the likelihood of complications during and after the operation. The treatment itself also takes longer and becomes more costly for the person being treated.

A crucial success factor for implantological restoration in the jaw is minimally invasive work.

It starts with spreading the alveolar ridge: if this is done with the least possible trauma to the surrounding tissue, the chances of successful treatment are increased.

For this reason, REX Implants developed the rexpander®, a new and innovative solution enabling the controlled spreading of the narrow alveolar ridge.

rexpander® consist of a wedge-shaped titanium alloy available in different dimensions for different bone anatomies.

In this way, users optimally prepare the jaw for the subsequent restoration with REX PiezoImplants.

The rexpander® is available exclusively from mectron and is available at attractive introductory prices.

REX PiezoImplants with a new diameter

With the REX PiezoImplants, mectron offers a solution which reduces complications in the implantological restoration of a narrow alveolar ridge to a minimum and which has already convinced many implantologists.

Because why use cylindrical screw implants when wedge-shaped implants better fit the real anatomy of the jaw?

Mectron recently expanded its REX PiezoImplant product portfolio: The innovative wedge-shaped implants are now available with a width of 2.9mm in addition to a thickness of 1.8mm.

As usual, both thicknesses are available in four different lengths (9mm, 11mm, 13mm or 15mm).

Of course, despite their innovative, intraosseous design, REX PiezoImplants have a prosthetic connection that enables simple and problem-free restoration.

The advantages of wedge-shaped implants are obvious: their rectangular cross-section is ideal for use in a narrow alveolar ridge because their unusual shape makes bone augmentation unnecessary.

In contrast to the equally narrow leaf implants, which have an increased risk of breakage, the REX PiezoImplants have the same mechanical strength as standard implants.

Other implant properties enable carefree osseointegration of the implant. Their transcortical surface helps prevent crestal bone resorption and peri-implantitis.

Macro-grooves promote cancellous, micro-grooves promote cortical osseointegration. In addition, REX PiezoImplants are acid passivated in order to increase the roughness of the implant and to further improve osseointegration.