Impression Scanning: The Future is Now

Up until now, if a lab received a physical or analogue impression from a dentist, they needed to create a gypsum model of the analogue impression first, if they were going to design the restoration using CAD/CAM.

Besides the process being time-consuming, it adds another variable to the workflow in terms of both precision and predictability.

The upcoming Dental System 2016 software release, in combination with 3Shape’s D2000 and D1000 lab scanners, now eliminates this step and possible source of error from your workflow.

The D2000 and the smaller D1000 lab scanner both feature multi-line technology. Multi-line technology utilises multiple scan lines in a single shot – 3Shape’s innovative technology that significantly improves cavity and impression capture.

Now by combining multi-line technology with our new Dental System 2016 software, you are able to scan analogue impressions more accurately than ever before.

In short, the lab no longer needs to pour or create a gypsum model from the impression you receive from a dentist. Instead, you can directly scan the analogue impression, nooks, crannies and all, and begin designing minutes after you have receive a case.

Impression scanning saves several steps in your workflow and allows users to go direct to designing or alternatively, print cost effective 3D models derived from the analogue impression – if a physical working model is needed.

Better yet, it means no longer having to wait around for a gypsum model and a reduction in crown turnaround time by nearly one day.

With the advent of the D2000 and 1000, coupled with Dental System 2016, gypsum-only scanners may soon become a relic of the past.

“Impression scanning is today’s reality and the future. No waiting for models to set, no plaster inaccuracies and we reduce costs. Every lab should invest in this technology,” said Mr. Carlo Backes, Excent Tandtechniek BV, Holland.

The new technology is available in the Dental System 2016 software release coming in June. The Dental System 2016 release supports impression scanning in all 3Shape scanner models except the D250 and D640. However, the D1000 and D2000 are optimal for impression scanning due to multi-line scan technology.