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TePe, a family-based dental company from Malmö, Sweden, is driven by their passion in developing solutions for long-term wellbeing and better quality of life. With the recent opening of its regional support office in Singapore, they aspire to bring more healthy smiles in Asia.


With eight subsidiaries and distribution in 80 countries across the globe, TePe, a global company founded in Sweden in 1965, offers a variety of high-quality oral healthcare products developed in close collaboration with dental professionals.

Recently, the company is reinforcing their presence in Asia by setting up an office in Singapore.

Stationed locally is the engaging duo, Dr Sanjay Haryana and Mr Douglas Musiolik, carrying the company’s vision of bringing more healthy smiles for life.

Together, they aim to raise awareness on the importance of preventive dental care, interdental cleaning, and the connection between oral and general health in the region.


Dr Sanjay Haryana is part of TePe’s odontology and education specialists team. He holds a Master of Science in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry as well as in Business Administration.

Quick-witted, Dr Haryana shared an anecdote on why he became a dentist.

“My older cousin is a dentist and used to have several dental practices in Dallas, United States. I was a confused teenager, and he said that if I studied dentistry, I could work for him, and he would give me a Porsche 911 as a joining gift. I applied, was accepted, and then never went there. I still don’t have a car and even less a Porsche 911,” he shared in jest.

Dr Haryana was a full-time dentist and clinical director at a private independent group practice in London, UK, before making the decision to move back to Sweden after 13 years. It was then that the opportunity to join TePe in its Nordic subsidiary, presented itself.

While frustrating initially as “the corporate world has slower processes,” he understands the need for them and sees it as a challenge to push things through quicker. He also found himself needing to brush up his skills in using office applications.

But there are many bright spots in his career hop and one of the highlights is when he conducted a lecture for the final year students at the Copenhagen University in Denmark.

He expounded, “The lecture was about selling compliance in dentistry, the fact that we work with different personalities, and the stress within the field. This was something all students felt but no one had talked to them about. I really felt like I bridged the gap between education and real life. The following year, the University incorporated this into their curriculum, which was very flattering.”

Still, the move to Singapore as well as the new role feels completely different to Dr Haryana, which invigorates him.

“The Nordic office was a mature organisation on a mature market, while the Asian market is relatively new. I work with a much younger team – that sometimes makes me feel old – and it can be hard to keep up with them,” he joked.

In terms of curating materials for oral health awareness in the region, he shared that it is about going back to basics and tackling the importance of oral hygiene, especially for interdental cleaning.

“We are mainly using materials from TePe Share while ensuring that we respect the language barrier as we roll them out in the local languages,” he said.

Elaborating on TePe share, Dr Haryana calls it a living organism within TePe.

It is a knowledge-sharing platform featuring a variety of information and educational materials to help dental professionals keep up with the latest news and relevant issues in preventive dentistry.

For instance, practitioners can find the Odont News, a quarterly newsletter that summarises a few oral hygiene-related articles.

In addition, they also hold clinical symposiums where they gather key opinion leaders to share their expertise.

“I know as a professional that it is hard to keep up with science and this is a great way to stay updated,” he said.

To widen their network, TePe share also includes TePe Family, which targets dental professionals through ambassadors’ programme; and TePe Clinic which features a three-module programme aimed at students to look for a local talent who can lecture in their native language.

With this platform, the company reinforces the importance of good oral hygiene to dental professionals who can then leverage on the information to better communicate it to their patients.

Working alongside Dr Haryana is Mr Douglas Musiolik. As the area sales manager of the region, he is excited about the opportunity to strengthen relationships with their valuable distributors and work closely with other stakeholders to support TePe’s vision.

Continue reading here. Published in Dental Asia May June 2021 issue.