Innovation Award for Monobond Etch & Prime

Monobond Etch & Prime, the first self-etching glass-ceramic primer in the world, impresses thousands of users. First presented at IDS 2015 in Cologne, it has since won over many users. Now, it has received an innovation award.

Monobond Etch & Prime has already won over many users. 

Ivoclar Vivadent is the first dental manufacturer to develop a material that successfully etches and silanates glass-ceramic surfaces in one single step. It is for this reason that Monobond Etch & Prime is considered an innovation. The primer has enjoyed great popularity on the market since it was introduced because it eliminates the need for etching contact surfaces with the unpopular hydrofluoric acid.


Chosen by the dentists’ vote

Several thousand dentists took part in a poll to vote on the most innovative products of the year to be awarded an innovation award launched by a German dental dealer and a dental newspaper. By a wide margin, the participants selected Monobond Etch & Prime for first place in the “Materials and Instruments” category. Just over 20 per cent of the votes cast in this category were given to the Ivoclar Vivadent product. In total, 20 products that were first presented at IDS 2015 were put forward for selection in the different categories.


Meeting customer needs

“We are delighted and proud to see that Monobond Etch & Prime has received several innovation awards so soon after having been launched,” says Armin Ospelt, Head of Global Marketing at Ivoclar Vivadent AG (Liechtenstein). “The awards show us that we meet the requirements of our customers, as has already been demonstrated by the market success of the product.”

Presentation of the Innovation Award for Monobond Etch & Prime. From (L to R): Uwe Jerathe, Pluradent AG, Norbert Wild, Ivoclar Vivadent Germany, and Dr. Marion Marschall, DZW. (Photo courtesy of Oliver Pick)

Monobond® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.