ITENA Clinical launches the first glass fibre block for post and core milling in the United States

ITENA Clinical, a French company dedicated to the development, manufacture and distribution of prosthetic, restorative and aesthetic products for dental professionals, has launched the first glass fibre block for post and core milling in the United States (US): Numerys GF.

This new patented innovation will allow doctors to mill a glass fibre post and core, with all universal milling machines, to create a perfect fit for the patient. This is the first of its kind on the market and is created from 80% unidirectional radiopaque glass fibres embedded in 20% epoxy-resin. This patented innovation is the first full metal-free post-and-core system. The FDA-approved Numerys GF has excellent mechanical strength and a modulus of elasticity similar to that of dentin, which minimises the risk of fracture. The anatomical shape of the post-and-core allows a better adhesion between the canal, the post-and-core and the crown.

Founded in 2003, ITENA clinical is focused on innovation and quality – and is a known actor in the dental products market, which is distributed worldwide through a broad network of distributors and in North America through ITENA North America.

The strength of ITENA lies in its ability to deliver outstanding quality products at very competitive prices. ITENA is constantly listening and anticipating the needs of dentists with one single purpose: to bring them satisfaction and performance in their everyday lives.