ITI World Symposium 2024: A first in Asia with a record attendance

With the conclusion of the International Team for Implantology (ITI) World Symposium 2024 in Singapore from 9-11 May, ITI has announced that a total of more than 5,500 dental professionals from more than 100 countries attended the ITI’s flagship event, making it the largest World Symposium ever and the first to be held in Asia.

ITI World Symposium 2024
According to the ITI, its 2024 World Symposium set the record for the biggest international implant dentistry congress (Image: ITI)

Around the theme of ‘Every patient has a story: Evidence meets patient perspectives to guide clinical care’, the ITI presented three days of lectures, discussion, and learning focused on evidence-based science and patient-centred care.

The five sessions addressed the currently hottest topics in the field: Soft tissue management, GBR/bone augmentation, immediacy, peri-implantitis and the digital workflow. These topics were chosen based on the feedback and priorities of the ITI community.

Built around nine real patients, the Scientific Program Committee headed up by Daniel Wismeijer translated the five topics into a fast-moving and informative blend of lectures, live-commentated videos delivered by a top faculty of more than 50 leading international experts. This unique and innovative patient-centred approach presented holistic solutions to real-life treatment challenges.

The main programme was complemented by a corporate forum presented by the ITI’s founding partner Straumann as well as broad range of parallel sessions, workshops and hands-on sessions delivered by industry partners.

“I am delighted with the results of this World Symposium at every level,” said Charlotte Stilwell, ITI president. “The attendance figures speak for themselves. It is clear that the ITI is meeting a strong need for reliable evidence-based information, and it is my belief that practitioners are taking home valuable learnings and acute insights for immediate use in daily clinical practice.”

ITI World Symposium 2024
The topics covered during the lectures and workshops reflected the trends and topics-of-interest from the ITI community (Image: ITI)
ITI World Symposium 2024
The unique interior architecture reflecting aspects of the vibrant host city Singapore was especially developed and built to house the lively industry exhibition and to provide participants with a perfect environment to promote networking, exchange and relaxation (Image: ITI)

Just before the ITI World Symposium 2024, the ITI General Assembly of Fellows approved the ITI Board of Directors’ nomination of Prof Dr Ronald E Jung (Switzerland) as the new ITI president-elect. Prof Jung will start his term of office as ITI president in 2025. With his forward-looking leadership style and visionary thinking, he is ideally positioned to take the organisation further along its chosen path and take advantage of future opportunities for the ITI.

Moreover, the ITI shared that each year, it takes great pleasure in acknowledging long-serving ITI Fellows with an ITI Honorary Fellowship for their untiring efforts on behalf of the ITI as well as their outstanding achievements in the field of implant dentistry as a whole. At the ITI Annual Dinner following the ITI World Symposium, this lifetime honour was awarded to Stephen Chen from Australia and Daniel Wismeijer from the Netherlands.

Also at the Annual Dinner, the ITI presented its Distinguished Achievement Awards. Introduced in 2022, this annual award is presented to professionals who have made a strong and enduring contribution either to a specific milestone topic in implant dentistry or to a particular ITI project.

This year’s recipients of this award are Jocelyne Feine from Canada and Merete Aaboe from Denmark. Feine received the award for her championing role in the development of the McGill Consensus Statement 2002 dealing with the two-implant overdenture for the edentulous mandible. Aaboe was presented with this award for her immense and dedicated personal hard work in taking the ITI Diploma from concept to reality.

The André Schroeder Research Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in implant dentistry. It is presented annually in two categories: pre-clinical and clinical. At the ITI World Symposium 2024, Jean-Claude Imber from Switzerland and Lorenzo Tavelli from Italy, and their co-authors were announced as winners of the André Schroeder Research Prize 2024.

Imber received the prize for pre-clinical research for his study on ‘Spontaneous regeneration of keratinized tissue at implants and teeth’. The prize for clinical research went to Tavelli for his paper on ‘Coronally advanced flap versus tunnel technique for the treatment of peri-implant soft tissue dehiscences with the connective tissue graft: A randomized, controlled clinical trial’. Both winners were presented with an engraved gold medallion as well as 10,000 Swiss Francs each.

As part of the closing ceremony, ITI president Charlotte Stilwell announced that the next ITI World Symposium will take place in Milan, Italy in 2027.

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