Ivoclar Academy will host a global webinar series: Celebrating a Century of Innovation with 100 Minutes of Education

Since its foundation, Ivoclar has become one of the world’s leading companies in the dental industry, consistently bringing customer-focused innovations to the market. The year 2023 marks the dental company’s 100-year anniversary. Through those many years, Ivoclar has become associated with numerous world-class products, services, training, and education offerings, all of which have significantly influenced the dental industry.  To continue and honour that tradition, while simultaneously looking ahead into the next century, Ivoclar Academy will be hosting a global webinar series, “Celebrating a Century of Innovation with 100 Minutes of Education”, open to anyone who wishes to register.  

Available on demand beginning 21 Apr 2023, this free webinar series that includes special guests from around the world, evaluates the past, present, and future of innovation in dentistry. Separated into five parts for the ultimate viewing convenience, this webinar will cover the following topics: a look back at how far the dental industry has come; current ways to improve patient satisfaction in a clinical setting through efficient aesthetics; the impact of all-ceramic materials; and how a digital denture workflow can benefit the dental laboratory, clinicians, and the patient.

The webinar series will conclude with a panel discussion where a wide range of industry experts from around the world will discuss the future of our profession and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Dr Saiesha Mistry will discuss aesthetic dentistry trends throughout Asia, Dr Roshan Parikh will comment on the growth of group practices, Sascha Heinze will analyse advancing technology for dental professionals from a laboratory perspective, and Dr Victor Clavijo will touch on social media and patient education.  

The programme boasts some of the industry’s most well-known presenters, including Dr Eduardo Mahn, Dr Lyndon Cooper, and Dr Andrea Ricci. Additionally, Ivoclar’s Dr Thomas Hirt and Dr George Tysowsky will be presenting. 

Ivoclar has a long history of educating dental professionals. As early as the 1950s, the company’s dental laboratory specialists started offering its customers practical demonstrations on how to use its products. Since then, the advanced learning and education opportunities provided have expanded significantly.

 “We are excited to host such an exciting programme in 2023. It honours our beginnings as leaders in the dental education field, while also serving as a thank you to all our dedicated customers and partners, who helped make this milestone a reality,” said Dr George Tysowsky, head of Global Training and Education at Ivoclar.