Ivoclar Group unveils Ivoclar Joy, global aid programme for underserviced regions

Dental and medical device company Ivoclar has announced that it will operate its own aid programme called Ivoclar Joy. The programme has been established with the primary goal of providing dental care to children and young people in underserviced regions worldwide. In addition, the programme aims to raise awareness about oral health in these groups to enhance their potential for a positive and successful future.

Ivoclar joy
(from left to right) Dr Tatiana Repetto-Bauckhage (Project Management, Peru), Christian Brutzer, CCO (Steering Committee), Dr med Dent Philipp Schneider (Project Management, Ghana and Cambodia), Markus Heinz, CEO (Steering Committee) and Christina Zeller, supervisory board member responsible for CSR (Steering Committee) (Image: Ivoclar)

The focus of Ivoclar Joy is to provide on-location dental care in the form of preventive measures, minor restorative procedures, basic fillings and surgical interventions. The programme’s main beneficiaries will be children and young people across three continents dedicated to ensuring that people have the best possible oral health and quality of life worldwide for a century. The company has already set up base stations in Ghana, Cambodia and Peru, treating over 2,000 patients as of June 2023.

Three portable dental units will allow the local teams of professionals to deliver dental procedures in all three of the above countries, including remote regions. The portable units, which have demonstrated their effectiveness in international aid projects, are regularly supplied with instruments and materials from Ivoclar. The programme encompasses additional activities such as advancing the skills of local dental professionals and delivering oral healthcare education at schools, fully covering all related expenses.

“Going forward, the goal is to involve interested Ivoclar employees around the world in the years to come and establish our aid program in additional locations,” said supervisory board member responsible for CSR, Christina Zeller.

Ivoclar Joy was originally established in 2022 at the behest Ms Zeller and after several year of internal preparation with the Ivoclar Group, the company has unveiled the programme to the public as part of its 100-year anniversary celebration. The programme is accompanied by a steering committee and an operational project management team.

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