Ivoclar presents VivaDent Aerosol Reduction Gel

The Ivoclar Group presents it new VivaDent Aerosol Reduction Gel which aims to revolutionise prophylaxis procedures in dental practices, by providing a more comfortable experience for patients and practitioners.

VivaDent Aerosol Reduction Gel
(Image: Ivoclar)

According to Ivoclar, everyday prophylaxis work involves a variety of challenges for dental hygienists and dentists, in particular when it comes to the use of ultrasonic scalers. The aerosol and spray mist produced by ultrasonic scalers can impair the visibility of the treatment area and pose risks for practitioners and patients

In response to these challenges, the VivaDent Aerosol Reduction Gel was developed: The unique formulation provides for the effective reduction, by up to 99%,1,2 of spray mist and aerosol produced by ultrasonic3 scalers.

This innovation is said to be a milestone in prophylaxis work and meets the highest quality standards. The systematic reduction of spray mist and aerosol not only facilitates professional tooth cleaning but also offers several benefits such as better visibility of the treatment area and more comfortable experience for patients as the face remains drier due to less spray mist. The gel also provides easy handling and dosage, and a reduced likelihood of spreading airborne diseases by reducing the aerosol produced.

“The VivaDent Aerosol Reduction Gel binds aerosol before it can form. Plus, the mix-in gel is gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and tasteless to meet the requirements of all patients,” says Maurizio Dottore, director GBU Prevention & Care of the Ivoclar Group.

VivaDent Aerosol Reduction Gel is a clear, water-based solution that does not cause stains on teeth or permanent stains on clothes and other surfaces. The mix-in gel, packaged in a single dose sachet with practical one-hand opening, can be mixed quickly and seamlessly integrates into daily preparation routines. No additional instruments are required to reduce aerosols. Likewise, the handling of the ultrasonic scaler remains unchanged, which makes this innovative product an integral part of the modern dental practice.

In two easy mix-in steps, the entire content of a single dose sachet is mixed with one litre of water in a mixing bottle by shaking vigorously for about 30 seconds to form a homogeneous solution. After a rest time of at least 10 minutes, ideally overnight, the prepared solution is filled into the external coolant tank and professional tooth cleaning can begin.

[1] The reduction of aerosol is dependent on the amplitude of the scaler tip.

[2] The gel reduces the aerosol formation produced by ultrasonic scalers by up to 99%.

[3] When using ultrasonic scalers, please observe the local and national hygiene guidelines and the manufacturer’s instructions. The device must be rinsed with drinking water after ultrasonic scaling with the VivaDent Aerosol Reduction Gel. Only suitable for ultrasonic scalers with an external coolant tank. Not suitable for air-polishing devices.

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