Jamaican University Announces First Graduating Class of Dental Surgeons, Thanks to Philanthropic Help from the Goodwill Oral Health Project

Gary Glassman, DDS, FRCD(C), founder of the philanthropic Goodwill Oral Health Project, proudly announced the first graduating class of 22 dental surgeons at the University of Technology’s (UTech) College of Oral Health Sciences in Jamaica. UTech is a beneficiary of Dr. Glassman’s global efforts promoting comprehensive oral health care to developing countries in need. The UTech trained and certified graduates completed their five-year degree programme in Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) at the end of 2015, and are the first-ever dental surgeons to be certified by the university. All graduates are now dental medicine interns in a Jamaican Government vocational training programme, placed at health facilities throughout Jamaica.

According to Dr. Maurice Miles, United States (US) Board Member of the US-based Commission on Dental Competency Assessments, “The University of Technology’s Class of 2015 DMD graduates have proven themselves to be as qualified, as competent and as dedicated as any dental graduate from the US and Canada.”

Dr. Glassman has dedicated his time, experience and generosity to furthering the philanthropic efforts of the Goodwill Oral Health Project over the past 15 years. Since 2010, he has been Adjunct Professor of Dentistry and Director of Endodontic Programming for UTech School of Dentistry, he wrote the endodontic curriculum for the DMD programme, and provided all lectures, clinical instruction, teaching supplies and equipment, as well as solicited other volunteer oral health specialists to teach students.

Dr. Glassman said, “Jamaica has experienced severe challenges in reducing the overall burden of diseases due to dental conditions. With approximately one dentist per 17,000 people, the majority of Jamaicans would never even see a dentist.” Now, thanks to his dedication, dental programmes and teaching at UTech over the past five years, more than 200,000 Jamaicans have received top-quality treatment from the dental surgeon trainees, and as part of their training, the 22 dental surgeons gained hands-on experience at the dental clinic. The College of Oral Health Sciences, the largest provider of dental services for the Jamaican people, has a strong public health focus, providing quality care to Jamaican citizens unable to access or afford oral health care services. The dental surgeons also participated in voluntary public health outreach programmes in clinics and health centres and community health fairs and events, free of charge.

Dr. Gary Glassman is a partner at Endodontic Specialists, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and a world-renowned oral health specialist, international lecturer on endodontics, philanthropist, author and frequent TV and radio show guest.