Jiangmen Committee Mission team donates dental chairs and ambulances to Honiara City Council

Jiangmen Committee Mission Chairman, Mr Zhang Yuanxing and PRC Embassy of China, Minister Counsellor Ding handover the keys of the two new ambulances to HCC Deputy Mayor Robert Oge and HCC Health Director Dr Lawrence Diau (Image: MHMS Press)

Health Minister of the Solomon Islands Dr Culwick Togamana thanked the Jiangmen Committee Mission team for its donation of two ambulances and four dental chairs to the Honiara City Council (HCC). The handover ceremony took place at the HCC parking area on 28 Oct and was witnessed by the Honiara City Council Deputy Major, Health Minister and HCC officials.

“Thank you indeed for the kind donation of the two ambulances and four dental chairs for HCC. These are specialised equipment and huge investments that are very costly and the onus is on our teams to ensure that these are taken good care of to ensure that we don’t incur increased costs for maintenance and repairs,” said Dr Togamana.

Dr Togamana said the ambulances were timely as it would help ease some work during the upcoming Pacific Games hosted by the country from 19 Nov to 2 Dec. He thanked PRC Embassy of China, Minister Counsellor Ding and his officials for coordinating and organising the Mission of Jiangmen Committee to visit Solomon Islands, and further thanked Mr Zhang Yuanxing, Chairman of the Jiangmen Committee and his delegation members for availing themselves to undertake this special mission to the Solomon Islands and particularly to visit their sister Province, HCC.

“Your presence and that of the mission’s events that took place this week truly and clearly demonstrated the growing partnership between our two countries, my Ministry, Guizhou Province and now Jiangmen City Guangdong Province. We are indeed honoured for the opportunity to be part of our journey together and particularly of your keen interest in the field of health and medical,” said Dr Togamana.

He further outlined the team’s mission at the timing was no coincidence but part and parcel of the health cooperation between the two countries. The Health Cooperation has grown and enabled further intiatives and cooperations between the two states such as the first Chinese Medical Team (CMT) in 2022 who were at National Referral Hospital (NRH) for a year and the second CMT in Mar 2023; and NRH clinicians who undertook training in Guangdong recently in Sep where two Solomon Island surgeons did two weeks intense surgical and urology training.

Jiangmen Committee Mission team courtesy visit to the Health Minister and MHMS Executive (Image: MHMS Press)

Additionally, China’s hospital ship “The Peace Ark” visited Solomon Island which provided over 10,000 citizens with free medical and health services. “As we journey on to 2024 and beyond, what comforts me the most is the development of China-Solomon Islands relations, and together with my colleagues and all of you, we have achieved so much within the short span of our relationship,” Dr Togamana said.

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