KaVo unveils MASTERmatic LUX M45 L High-Speed Handpiece

KaVo has announced the launch of the MASTERmatic LUX M45 L High-Speed Handpiece. Designed with a commitment to ergonomics and patient safety, this latest addition to the MASTER series collection aims to set new benchmarks for precision and efficiency in dental procedures.

(Image: KaVo)

According to KaVo, the MASTERmatic LUX M45 features a unique design differs from other 45° attachments where access can be affected by the anterior teeth. The combination of a 42° head angle with 100° knee angle facilitates superior access to the posterior region

Moreover, KaVo CoolHead technology is said to ensure optimal temperature control, preventing the handpiece from excessive heating even if the push-button is pressed accidentally during treatment. This advancement prioritises patient safety and enhances clinical outcomes.

Leveraging KaVo’s glass fibre optic technology, the MASTERmatic LUX M45 L also provides illumination, enabling practitioners to see even the smallest details during treatment. This heightened visibility enhances diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficacy.

“The launch of the MASTERmatic LUX M45 L represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in dental technology,” said Brian Sommerhauser, vice-president of Sales & Marketing at KaVo North America. “We are thrilled to introduce this unique solution that rounds out our MASTER series highspeed collection and provides clinicians with a premium instrument for every indication.”

With an optimised 3-port spray, the handpiece wets the entire length of the bur, ensuring an overall cooling effect. This feature enhances operator comfort and prolongs bur life, contributing to cost-effective and sustainable practice.

According to KaVo, the MASTERmatic LUX M45 Capable of reaching 168,000rpm to deliver superior cutting performance, making it ideal for the most demanding dental procedures. This speed and efficiency empower practitioners to achieve exceptional results with precision and confidence.

The new handpieceeis also Engineered to accommodate bur lengths up to 25mm, offering flexibility and adaptability for a wide variety of applications. This versatility enhances procedural efficiency and enables practitioners to tailor treatments to individual patient needs.

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