Kids Teeth Hosts Selfie Contest to Promote Good Dental Health for Children

Mount Pleasant, S.C., USA – For most people, brushing your teeth is part of the daily routine, like putting on your shoes. You don’t even think about – you just do it. But think back to childhood when that daily task wasn’t so automatic. You can probably hear your mom’s voice reminding you to brush your teeth.

But what if Mom hadn’t promoted good oral health? Where would your pearly whites be today? Dental health goes hand in hand with overall physical health and wellness, so the key is starting early.

Consider the following:

  • Children in the US miss more than 51 million hours of school every year due to dental issues.
  • Tooth decay – while entirely preventable – is the most common chronic disease in children.
  • About 17 million children go without dental care each year.

One Mount Pleasant paediatric dental office is using National Children’s Dental Health Month in February to spread the message about the importance of early dental visits and routine dental care.

Kids Teeth is taking its oral health puppet show and tooth brushing supplies to local schools and daycares for free.

Paediatric dentists specialise in caring for children’s teeth – infant through teens. The specialised care offered by a paediatric dentist includes unique strategies for working with children that alleviate fear and anxiety through the use of positive reinforcement and behaviour guidance, as well as educating about the growth and development of teeth.

Children are also encouraged to show off their shiny smiles during February for a chance to win one year of routine dental care from Kids Teeth. The grand prize, valued at $510, includes two exams, two fluoride treatments plus two prophy treatments (polishing) and two bitewing x-rays.

To enter, visit the Kids Teeth Facebook page and upload a selfie using #healthysmileselfie. Or post a selfie to Instagram using the #healthysmileselfie. The best Healthy Smile Selfie photo will be selected on Wednesday, March 3. Entrants do not have to be current Kids Teeth patients to be eligible to win.

Serving the Charleston area for more than 30 years, Kids Teeth is committed to educating parents and children about lifelong oral health – starting when a baby’s first tooth appears.

“Visiting a paediatric dentist as soon the baby’s teeth come in enables the child to begin a lifetime of preventive dental care, helping to minimise tooth decay and cavities,” said Dr. Mike Myers. “We use every opportunity to spread the message of routine dental care for children – whether they are our patients or not. That’s why we use social media and community presentations as a way to share information during National Children’s Dental Health Month and all year long.”