Kolibree Raises $4M for its Smartphone-Connected Electric Toothbrush

France-based Kolibree, which has developed a smartphone-connected electric toothbrush, raised $4 million from SOSV, SEB Alliance, Innovacom, Cap Horn, and Dental Investment Group for Health.

“Kolibree began product sales in Q2 2015, with increasing gains throughout the year,” Kolibree Founder and CEO Thomas Serval said in a statement. “In addition, a new partnership with game developer Ubisoft and this boost from SOSV increases our momentum and allows Kolibree to scale for more rapid growth in 2016.”

SOSV, which is Kolibree’s first US-based investor, said that they plan to accelerate the company’s US expansion.

Kolibree’s connected toothbrush has sensors that detect not only how long users brushed their teeth, but also whether they hit all the hard to reach places between gums and teeth. Kolibree wants brushing to last two minutes and the app will alert the user when time is up. 

The app offers games that children can play while brushing their teeth so they brush for longer. Over time, the app also provides users with weekly statistics on their brushing patterns and a brushing quality analysis.

The company will use the money from this investment to establish licensing agreements with video game developers and further develop the app. As part of its partnership with Ubisoft, Kolibree will incorporate Rabbids, which are cartoon character rabbits from a popular video game, into the company’s app as a new game.

In April 2014, the company launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its device and raised over $100,000.

Also in 2014, another connected toothbrush company, Beam Technologies, raised $5 million for its smartphone-connected toothbrush. The company has since expanded to offer large and small employers dental health insurance plans. Beam Technologies will send its members the connected toothbrush as a way to track brushing habits and will reward them for good brushing habits. – Aditi Pai