Legacy of Innovation Continues for 3M Oral Care

The Anaheim Group acknowledges 3M’s contributions to the dental industry for its 11th consecutive year


With 95 innovations launched in 2015, 3M’s designation as the Most Innovative Company in the Dental Industry was earned through a relentless commitment to science-based innovation. Honoured with its 11th consecutive win, 3M’s rank on The Anaheim Group’s “Innovation Index” has once again placed the company in the top spot with 25 per cent more innovations than any other dental company.

The Anaheim Group’s index combines the number of EC/WIPO patents, US patents and US 510(k) clearances, and is the dental industry’s best measure of overall technical strength and capability.

With its commitment to improving lives through science, 3M continues to improve on its own innovations. The maker of countless award-winning products under such brands as Filtek™, RelyX™ and Scotchbond™, 3M’s breakthrough innovations are often sourced from within its own walls. Interdisciplinary collaborations have inspired many of 3M’s greatest innovations in the dental industry, including pioneering the use of zirconia restorative materials and introducing nanotechnology for enhanced aesthetics and strength in universal restorative material.

“Receiving the Most Innovative honour for more than a decade is a testament to what 3M excels in – applying science to help keep people healthy,” said Mr. James D. Ingebrand, Vice President & General Manager, Oral Care Solutions Division of 3M. “Every day, we explore new ways to impact lives, as we consistently pursue new product and process innovations with a focus on promoting lifelong oral health for all.”