Malleable spiral-shaped wheels for composite finishing and polishing

The Jiffy Natural Composite finishing and polishing systems from Ultradent consist of malleable spiral-shaped wheels that naturally conform to all tooth surfaces and twirl-shaped polishers that perfectly polish occlusal surfaces.

It easily recreates the lustre of natural enamel, and with its specially formulated Ultradent diamond grit, gives a beautiful finish on any composite material.

The complete procedural kit of the Jiffy Natural Composite finishing and polishing systems includes medium and fine spiral wheels, and occlusal twirl polishers – everything a clinician would need to achieve an aesthetic finish in one place.


  • Complete kit includes medium and fine grit spiral wheels, and occlusal twirls
  • Designed to adjust and polish any composite restoration
  • Can be used to achieve the look of natural enamel
  • Available in an autoclavable aluminium block and each polisher is available separately