Medit and Formlabs to streamline chairside 3D printing

Medit and Formlabs Dental have announced a partnership that aims to streamline chairside 3D printing. This combination of technology will make intraoral scanning and 3D printing accessible and approachable to all dental practices.

Offices equipped with Medit i500 or i700 intraoral scanners can download Formlabs’ PreForm application, a software integration that helps prepare prosthesis and appliance designs for printing, directly from Medit Link.

By combining this technology, Formlabs and Medit will enable clinicians to 3D print dental components with greater speed and efficiency through a simplified in-office workflow.

With Medit scanners, dental professionals can scan a patient’s teeth, and convert scans into 3D printed models and appliances with a Formlabs Form 3B+ printer and biocompatible resins, such as Permanent Crown and Temporary CB.

This partnership allows offices to adopt scanning and 3D printing in an intuitive, easy-to-integrate workflow, and without extensive training and cost.