Medit launches Occlusion Analyzer App for quick and easy analysis

Medit, provider of 3D intraoral scanners and digital dentistry solutions, has released its new app, the Medit Occlusion Analyzer. The Medit Occlusion Analyzer is a tool that allows dental professionals to perform occlusion analysis quickly and easily without the need to return to the Medit Scan for Clinics or reprocess data. With the app’s automatic detection and analysis of occlusal interferences, users can explore the occlusal relationship and review results through annotations and colour maps.

The app’s section view feature enables users to create section planes to examine specific areas of interest and use Multi-View to compare sections of multiple planes. Additionally, the app allows users to measure distances by one or two points for greater accuracy.

The Medit Occlusion Analyzer also includes a colour map, available in both opened and closed states, to provide a visual representation of the occlusal relationship. With alignment and edit modes, users can realign jaw data to occlusal bite based on selected areas or points and edit data by trimming, sculpting, or filling holes. The app also allows users to replay mandibular movement recordings.

“We are thrilled to launch the Medit Occlusion Analyzer, which is an essential tool for dental professionals who are looking for an accurate and efficient way to analyse occlusion,” said Michael Lee, CTO of Medit. “Our app will help users save time and effort, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality care to their patients.”

The Medit Occlusion Analyzer is now available for download in Medit Link, and users can start exploring its features to improve their clinical workflows.