Mercury Magnet Amalgamation Spill Powder

Mercury Magnet Amalgamation Spill Powder is a safe and effective method to suppress mercury vapours and amalgamate hazardous mercury-bearing spills. Designed for a quick response to leaks, spills or infectious wastes, Mercury Magnet powder is the ideal solution for the proper decontamination and clean-up of mercury spills. Engineered for a quick response, Mercury Magnet is environmentally friendly, allowing for the treated mercury to be properly recycled.

In the event of a “spill”, the fumes released by mercury can go undetected for long periods of time creating serious health hazards. In fact, mercury can be found in many household items such as fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), non-electric thermostat switches, and thermometers – even LCD screens.

The Mercury Magnet powder reacts with liquid mercury to form a solidified amalgam that not only brings the mercury vapour pressure below harmful levels, but also allows for easy pick up using a common magnet.



  • Proprietary blend of powders
  • A complete kit that includes safety gear, a magnetic pick up tool and assorted clean-up and containment material
  • The finest technology for treating and cleaning mercury spills



  • Effective decontamination and clean-up of a mercury spill
  • Reduces mercury vapours below harmful levels
  • Powder reacts with liquid mercury to form a solidified amalgam
  • Designed for quick response, clean-up and disposal
  • Safety risks and environmental hazards minimised


Mercury Magnet is effectively used in the following work areas:

  • Chemical laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • University laboratories
  • Plants where neon signs, batteries, fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps and mercury type instruments are manufactured and repaired
  • Dental offices and laboratories


Application/Industries served: Mercury bearing wastes

Mercury Magnet powder is the remedy for the fumes released by spills of Mercury metal. Mercury Magnet turns liquid mercury into a solid non-vaporising form. This is EPA Best Available Technology for treating mercury spills. This solidified amalgam can be easily picked up using a common magnet. Mercury spills should be responded to by trained personnel.

The Mercury Magnet powder is safe to use at home and in the work environment – wherever the risk of an accidental mercury spill may occur. The Mercury Magnet spill kit contains all of the necessary clean up and personal safety gear you’ll need in addition to the proprietary powder. Emergency Spill Control Solutions