Neoss Group launches NeoTell, a new implant stability measurement device

Dental implant solution provider Neoss Group and implant stability manufacturer Osstell, has launched the NeoTell — a device designed to measure implant stability quickly and accurately. The device aims to provide clinicians with an accurate tool to assess implant stability without the need for invasive procedures, to improve patient outcomes and simplify digital workflows.

The launch of NeoTell is said to make resonance frequency analysis technology more accessible and affordable for practitioners (Image: Neoss Group)

NeoTell determines implant stability accurately within seconds, by utilising its proprietary resonance frequency analysis (RFA) technology which is backed by over 1300 scientific studies, according to the companies. The evidence-based method is said to provide objective results while reducing invasiveness to guide treatment choice. Furthermore, the launch reportedly offers access to RFA technology at a low entry cost which enables practitioners to provide more precise assessment and treatment planning.

“NeoTell will offer clinicians the means to work more efficiently and effectively. Our collaboration with Osstell ensures that we can provide the dental community with a comprehensive solution that enhances the predictability and success of dental implant procedures. We believe that NeoTell will become an indispensable tool for dental professionals,” said president and CEO of the Neoss Group, Dr Robert Gottlander.

The launch of NeoTell resulted from a collaboration between Neoss Group and Osstell AB earlier this year, which leverages the company’s expertise in dental implants and osseointegration.

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