New Advanced Dental CE Courses Available In Toronto

Beginning February 2016, Toronto will have new advanced dental continuing education courses available offered by The Dawson Academy on occlusion, function, aesthetics, diagnosing complex issues, predictably treating difficult cases and more.

Dr. John Cranham, with a special video appearance by Dr. Peter Dawson, will deliver the initial course offered, “Your Complete Care Practice Starts Here” in Toronto on February 26, 2016. This course is designed for general practitioners, specialists and dental technicians.

The Dawson Academy’s curriculum, consisting of seven courses, teaches dental professionals how to diagnose and treat any case predictably and confidently. The Academy does so by providing a checklist style approach to practicing dentistry and a thorough explanation of how the masticatory system works in harmony and what happens when it is not.

“I have taken many advanced dental courses at several institutions around the world and these courses by far had the most influence on me as a person, my team, my practice and my patients,” explained Dr. Tamer Iskander, who practices dentistry in Ontario, Canada.

When asked what he would tell other dental professionals, Dr. Pio Modi, a Canadian dentist said, “The valuable and timeless principles taught by Dr. Dawson and his amazing faculty will not only help to make you a better dentist, but also help you achieve a balance in your life that is immeasurably rewarding. I highly recommend The Dawson Academy to any dentist who is looking to achieve the best for their patients and for fulfilment with their career and overall quality of life.”

The expansion to Canada is just one of six international expansions for The Academy in recent years.

When asked specifically about the Canadian expansion, Joan Forrest, President and CEO of The Dawson Academy, said, “We have had a very strong following throughout Canada for some time now and we are excited we can finally bring our entire curriculum to the dental community there.”

The Dawson Academy will begin offering their curriculum in Canada at The Dental Learning Centre (TDLC) in Oakville, Ontario. TDLC is a state-of-the-art facility that has been customised for hands-on programmes and will host those sessions along with Dawson Academy Study Club Meetings. – Kahaliah Richards, Oral Health Group