New chairside zirconia by Roland DGA for same-day restorations

Roland DGA has announced the release of a new fully sintered chairside zirconia CAD/CAM milling blocks designed for use with the company’s DGSHAPE DWX-42W Series wet-milling solutions. The new release aims to enable same-day chairside zirconia restorations with a simple prep, scan, mill, and seat workflow.

chairside zirconia
(Image: Roland)

Unlike traditional monolithic dry-milled zirconia materials, the chairside zirconia features an exclusive 3-layer gradient design — 25% incisal, 25% transition, and 50% dentin — for ideal restorative aesthetics with natural translucency, while maintaining optimal zirconia strength properties.

Furthermore with its multi-layered composition, the new chairside zirconia does not require sintering or additional finishing, and therefore no need for a sintering or ceramic oven. According to the company, it has an average flexural strength of 500 MPa without any firing, compared to the 364 MPa average for traditional lithium disilicate milling blocks after firing and crystallisation.

“Chairside zirconia is a revolutionary product that offers significant advantages for clinical dental professionals. The unique qualities of this material, along with the minimal finishing time required, make same-day zirconia restorations possible, without compromising strength or aesthetics,” said Roland DGA’s Dental Marketing Manager, Lisa Aguirre.

The zirconia is approximately 4.0µm, which is reportedly four times greater than the average traditional zirconia milling puck. Its coarse microstructure combined with fracture toughness and low scratch hardness allows for good milling capabilities and results. In addition, the chairside zirconia is also designed for wet-milling due to its unique particle structure and density.

The zirconia is offered in a variety of shades and milling block sizes for single unit, anterior, and posterior restorations. It is compatible with Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE DWX-42W Series Chairside wet-milling solutions and ZGB-125D, ZGB-50D, ZGB25D, and ZGB2-75D milling tools. A chairside zirconia Powered by Roland DGA “Starter Kit,” which includes zirconia blocks in two different shades, three ZGB milling tools, and Polishing Paste, is also available.

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