New DenMat Website launched to serve increased consumer demand for at-home products

DenMat, a leading dental solutions provider, has launched a new consumer website where visitors can find information on a variety of at-home oral care products.

The OralProCare website provides consumer access to several unique at-home oral health care products including the Rotadent ProCare® power toothbrush and Perio Restore® oral cleansing gel.

The new website replaces the Rotadent website and features many upgrades including a subscription option for patients who want a consistent supply of replacement brush heads, tooth whitening gel, and other oral health care products.

In addition, DenMat’s complete line of infection control products are available to consumers including hand sanitiser, hard surface cleanser, and the company’s unique hydrogen peroxide oral rinse.

The company has announced that the consumer demand for DenMat’s home-care products has skyrocketed this year and this new website will serve as a platform to launch additional consumer-friendly oral health care products in 2021.

Additionally, the new website will allow the company to further support the hundreds of thousands of patients being prescribed DenMat products who may need replacement products to continue to comply with their dentist’s recommendations.