New extraoral Dental 3D Scanning Spray by Scantist leaves no residue and pigments

The best scanning conditions thanks to the homogeneous spray layer, which evaporates completely after a short time.

The Scantist 3D Dental Scan Spray was developed so that dental laboratories can scan objects such as dental braces even faster and more efficiently. With Scantist 3D, transparent or reflective parts are covered with a matting layer within a few seconds, so that high contrast values and thus precise measurement results can be achieved. The special feature: Scantist 3D completely evaporates within approximately 30 minutes. The previously time-consuming and costly removal of the spray layer after the scanning process is no longer necessary. In addition, compared with conventional scanning sprays, Scantist 3D is pigment-free and therefore gentle on people and the environment.

In addition to transparent and reflective parts, scanning sprays are also used on objects with deep indentations such as telescopes, brackets or mouthpieces. The application of the spray creates a homogeneous and very fine matting layer that prevents reflections and evens out uneven structures on the surface. Improvement of the scanning requirements optimises the CAD/CAM processes and leads to significant cost and time savings.