New Features Make the SINIUS Treatment Centre an All-Rounder for Your Practice

With new functions for endodontics and implantology, the proven SINIUS treatment centre by Dentsply Sirona Treatment Centres now offers even greater treatment efficiency. Its new features ensure increased treatment comfort and an improved workflow in the practice.


Thanks to its new built-in functions, the SINIUS treatment centre is an all-encompassing dental treatment centre. Now equipped with additional features for endodontics and implantology, the workflow has become more efficient. The integration of the new elements also saves space as dentists can eliminate additional desktop devices. This intuitively operated unit is the product of decades of experience from Dentsply Sirona Treatment Centres and is based on ongoing analysis of precise workflows in dental treatment.


SINIUS is already available with enhanced features for endodontics, and now for implantology.

Extended features are available for SINIUS CS (swinging bracket), as well as for SINIUS TS (floating table). The SINIUS CS ensures optimal positioning of the dentist’s element using a rotation of up to 240 degrees, which is ideal for solo treatment. The SINIUS TS provides ergonomic treatment positions via an independently movable dentist’s element and tray system.

The doctor element with sliding track and a separate tray concept particularly ensures comfort and flexibility during four-hand treatment. Both can be adjusted to the individual ideal ergonomic position. Another advantage of the sliding track: The workspace always looks tidy.


Endo function with reciprocal file systems

Intelligent integration of endodontic functions in treatment centres is the result of the successful cooperation between DENTSPLY and Sirona. Even before their merger in February 2016, the two companies have worked closely together on R&D projects to develop joint solutions. Users can rely on an integrated extended endodontic function, including an endodontic contra-angle handpiece with light for an improved view of the treatment area, enabling the dentist to work with greater certainty. An extensive file library that already contains reciprocal file systems from Dentsply Sirona Endodontics creates the desired scope for comfortable treatment.

With WAVEONE® and RECIPROC®, leading reciprocating file systems are now available in the SINIUS treatment centre. 

With WAVEONE® and RECIPROC®, the market-leading reciprocal file systems have been integrated into a treatment centre for the first time, significantly improving the endodontic treatment workflow. “With the integrated functions, our aim is to make challenging endo treatments much simpler and even safer,” said Ms. Dominique Legros, Group Vice President, Dentsply Sirona Endodontics. “And the system can be expanded with new file systems and sequences, so we are providing dentists with the future reliability they need.” Mr. Michael Geil, Group Vice President Treatment Centres at Dentsply Sirona is convinced that another source of future reliability is outstanding product range. “With the combination of two such high-performance technologies as the innovative endo products and SINIUS, the modern practice all-rounder, dentists can rely on our products for every aspect of the practice.”

Interfaces allow users to extend these databases easily. If desired, the treatment centre can be extended by the SIVISION screen with matching SIDEXIS 4 software. With this feature, the dentist can view the ApexLocator function on the monitor.

Another equipment package makes SINIUS attractive to dentists who are active in implantology as well: “Implant” brings the implantology function to the treatment centre. The speed and torque of the motor, as well as the parameters of the NaCl pump can be easily adjusted on the display, and the display can also be used to programme selected treatment steps in therapy.


Integrated workflow – more time for the essentials

All SINIUS functions that are adapted to individual treatment processes appear on the EasyTouch user interface because the functions that are used in the particular treatment can be displayed on it if desired. As usual, the unit is controlled by a pedal switch to further support workflow, and practical, hygienic storage for the ApexLocator has been developed right on the dentist’s element. Through the simplified workflows, the user gains time to focus on the essentials, resulting in a positive treatment result.

The new features for SINIUS are already available and current SINIUS users can upgrade their unit.