New packaging for VITA CAD/CAM blocks and DISC products

In order to provide even better protection for its products and use sustainable packaging materials, VITA has announced that its packaging for VITA CAD/CAM blocks and DISC products have been optimised.

 VITA CAD/CAM blocks
(Image: VITA)

Starting from April 2024, the VITA CAD/CAM blocks will be gradually supplied in standardised folding boxes. This optimisation will reduce the number of packaging variants from 12 to six. The products will now be differentiated by their unique labelling. The exceptions will be the VITA YZ products over 55mm, as well as VITA CAD-Waxx and VITA CAD-Temp over 65mm in height, which will continue to be available in special packaging.

The new block packaging will no longer use foam inserts and will rely instead on a cardboard cavity that offers the products optimised protection. Instructions for use can be accessed digitally via QR codes on the packaging, which will reduce paper consumption.

Improvements have also been made to the DISC packaging. Plastic foils and foam inserts have been replaced by environmentally friendly cardboard and cellulose half-shells, which will result in a significant reduction in waste. In addition, QR codes on the outer packaging will promote the digital availability of instructions for use, which will further reduce paper consumption. The design of the new slipcases, which are now constructed as closed boxes with a fold-out base, has also been updated and adapted to match the design of the block packaging. The products will also be differentiated via labels, which will reduce the amount of packaging to a minimum.

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