New Periodontal Micro-Surgery Kit

Periodontology today has become extremely specialised, more complex and advanced – thanks to the most recent developments in treatment techniques – and has created a demand for more sophisticated surgical instruments far more suitable for accurate dental interventions.

Medesy unveils a new specific kit created uniquely for periodontal micro surgery: a combination of instruments made of titanium, which is extremely light and purer than steel.

The kit includes:

  1. Titanium scalpel handle for micro blades.
  2. Molt periosteal elevator and periosteal HP3 – both in titanium, which allow minimal traumatic detachment of the dental papilla.
  3. Titanium curved micro tweezers excellent for meticulous suturing of the tissue.
  4. Titanium micro needle holder with smooth tips (for wires 8-0 /9-0) – versatile instrument that is ideal for use in narrow interdental spaces.
  5. Titanium curved micro scissors – with a very fine and precise tip for easy access in narrow areas.

The kit has been specifically conceived for microsurgery and includes instruments that have been developed to guarantee maximal precision and reliability.