New printing materials available for Planmeca Creo® C5

New printing materials are now available for Planmeca Creo® C5 dental 3D printer. The new resins include materials for printing customised impression trays, indirect bonding trays and gingiva masks for dental models.

These popular materials for printing dental models and aligner bases are also now available in as large as 1kg bottles, replacing the capsule packaging for both.

FotoDent® tray by Dreve: This Class I biocompatible impression tray material allows manufacturing customised impression trays at the point of care that are more accurate and comfortable for the patient compared to bulky off-the-shelf trays.

FotoDent® IBT by Dreve: A Class I biocompatible printing resin for fabricating transparent indirect bonding trays. Bonding trays allow shorter chair times associated with bracket placement for a better patient experience.

FotoDent® gingiva by Dreve: This material is intended for printing gingiva masks to mimic soft tissue in dental lab models. Soft and flexible, masks printed with FotoDent gingiva combine seamlessly with dental models printed using FotoDent® model2 or FotoDent® model.

FotoDent® model2 by Dreve: The new printing resin improves both precision and stability, delivering outstanding quality for dental models printed with Planmeca Creo C5. FotoDent model2 replaces the previous FotoDent model printing material and is only available as a 1kg bottle.

FotoDent® setup by Dreve: This popular printing resin for aligner bases is now available as a 1kg bottle, replacing the previous capsule packaging.

Most of the new materials are compatible with original as well as monochrome Planmeca Creo C5 devices; however, FotoDent model2 is only compatible with monochrome printing.

All printing materials for Planmeca Creo C5 go through rigorous mechanical testing and evaluation, with additional tests for the materials which require medical approval.