New Scanners and Software for Dental Labs

In Chicago, 3Shape introduced new versions of their D-series bench-top scanners with improved scanning speeds, accuracy and interior size. Two new D-series lab scanner models were also launched: the D2000 and D1000 that feature multi-line scan technology. 3Shape’s new proprietary multi-line technology has been shown in trials to increase scanning speeds beyond 30 per cent.
3Shape scanners boost speed and performance
The new versions of the D-series bench-top scanner are the D750 and D850, which are major upgrades of the former D700 and D800 scanner models. The two, along with the presently available D900L, now feature a new technology platform combined with a larger interior space and blue LED for reduced scan noise.

Three years of LABcareTM included
In addition, the D750, D850 and D900L also include a three-year subscription to 3Shape LABcareTM. The three-year LABcareTM bundle features free yearly software updates, product training and service. The included subscription offer is valid up until September 30, 2015.

The D-series also contains the D500 desktop scanner and includes a cost-effective option to extend the LABcareTM package to three years.

D2000 and D1000
Both D2000 and D1000 are equipped with 4 x 5.0 MP cameras and high-quality mechanics to improve scanning accuracy and the aforementioned multi-line technology for increased scanning speeds.

New D2000 – reduces handling time by 40 per cent
The D2000 desktop lab scanner additionally includes several other breakthroughs like, “All-in-One” scanning and a large interior with room for two models.

All-in-One Scanning
All-in-One scanning and the D2000’s large interior space enable dental technicians to capture both upper and lower models, as well as inserted dies and occlusion information in a single scan. The technology also enables the D2000 scanner to “see” around dies in the model so that there is no need to remove dies during scanning in most cases.*

This process can also eliminate four out of five workflow steps used to scan e.g., a three-unit bridge, and reduce workflow steps, thereby reducing handling time by up to 40 per cent for dental labs.

Additionally, 3Shape Auto-Occlusion Technology makes the taking of a separate bite scan unnecessary. Auto-Occlusion Technology merges the previously simultaneously-scanned models within the software to create a correct bite.

D2000 Dental Lab Desktop Scanner

  • 4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multi-line
  • Accuracy: 5μm (ISO) / 8μm (Implant bar)
  • Die scan time: 15sec
  • Full arch scan time: 25sec
  • Colour texture scanning
  • No need for separate die scan*
  • All-in-one scanning: room for two models

Documented accuracy in all 3Shape scanners
3Shape measures, controls and documents scanner accuracy in all its scanners using well-defined standards and metrology procedures. 3Shape’s high scan accuracy is validated in accordance with ISO 12836 – a standard that specifies a test protocol for the assessment of crown and bridge accuracy in dental scanners. Implant bars and bridges represent the most accuracy-demanding indication. Complementing the ISO standard, 3Shape additionally validates scan accuracy using specially designed implant objects.

* An additional die scan may be required for cases with exceedingly limited interproximal space between dies and neighbouring teeth. All dies must be trimmed and models sectioned.

Dental System 2015
The new Dental System 2015 was also introduced in Chicago. It has added several new and exciting features plus 3rd party integrations and libraries.