New Tom’s of Maine Rapid Relief Sensitive Natural Toothpaste Delivers Patented Technology to Sensitive Teeth Sufferers

Provides relief in 60 seconds* and long-lasting protection with continuous use


Kennebunk, Maine – For the more than 40 million sensitive teeth sufferers** who can’t enjoy the food and beverages they love, natural oral care leader Tom’s of Maine is introducing a natural solution for relief with its new Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste. Unlike some sensitive toothpastes that only numb the pain, Tom’s of Maine Rapid Relief blocks the pathways to sensitive nerves to help seal out pain using a patented combination of arginine and calcium carbonate. It is the only toothpaste currently available in the US to use this technology.

In a sensitive tooth, receding gums expose fluid-filled dentinal tubules. When well-known triggers like hot and cold beverages, acidic or sweet foods – or even air – travel through the tubule, fluid changes and uneven pressure inside the tooth activates the nerves, causing an electric shock-like sensation. Tom’s of Maine new clinically-proven formula works differently by helping seal the pathways to sensitive nerves for rapid relief in 60 seconds* and long-lasting protection with continuous use.

“Until now, sensitive teeth sufferers have had to settle for toothpastes and ingredients that just mask the pain,” said Lindsay McPherson, senior oral care brand manager at Tom’s of Maine. “Tom’s of Maine Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste treats sensitivity differently and makes it possible to once again enjoy cold drinks, hot soups and even ice cream without fear of pain. It’s a new kind of freedom from sensitive teeth.”

As with all Tom’s of Maine products, Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste contains no artificial dyes, sweeteners or preservatives and no animal testing. In addition to sensitive teeth protection, it also offers breath-freshening benefits in a Fresh Mint flavour featuring natural peppermint oil. The product will be available at retailers nationwide beginning in March 2016 for the suggested retail price of $5.99.

In an effort to care for people and the planet, Tom’s of Maine donates 10 per cent of profits back to communities, and the Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste tube is recyclable through the Tom’s of Maine TerraCycle collection programme.


*Patented formula provides rapid relief when directly applied to the sensitive tooth with fingertip and gently massaged for one minute

**According to the Academy of General Dentistry