New Website Educates Consumers on Breakthrough Technology for Root Canal Treatment

Sonendo [(R)] Inc., the developer of a transformative technology for root canal therapy, announced the launch of a patient-based website with the goal of helping patients make more informed decisions when considering root canal therapy.

The GentleWave [(R)] System facilitates a one-treatment root canal procedure and has the ability to outperform the clinical results obtained with conventional procedures, which can leave as much as 40 per cent of treated root canals with bacteria [1-4]. Research on the many patient-facing benefits of the GentleWave difference, such as the ability to deliver a higher standard of clean than may be achieved with conventional therapy and patient testimonials regarding their GentleWave experience, can be found at

Chris Rabbitt, Chief Commercial Officer, stated, “We look forward to helping patients make informed decisions about their options when needing dental care. When considering root canal therapy, patients seek optimal outcomes that will quickly alleviate their pain and lead to saving their natural teeth with minimal disruption to their quality of life. Ultimately, we believe the GentleWave procedure aligns with these patient-centred goals and delivers on our mission of ‘Saving Teeth through Sound Science [(R)]’.”