Next Media Group to Launch Website and App for Dental Professionals and Providers

The new online platform will deliver seamless access to information, eLearning, and career development resources for the expanding community of dental professionals interested in the large group practice model.


Mahwah, NJ, USA – Next Media Group, a pioneer in online dental education, announced the 2017 launch of, the first digital services platform dedicated to the dental support organisation (DSO) sector. Through and the DSODentist mobile app, the growing segment of dental professionals interested in group practice can unite as a community and access objective information, training and peer-to-peer interaction intended to enhance their professional development.

The DSODentist platform responds to the increasing fluency of today’s practitioners with web-based training as a way to build clinical competency. It also provides a unique mobile environment for establishing the connectivity of dental professionals currently engaged with a DSO-supported practice – as well as those considering this option.

“Access to accurate information is essential,” said Stephen E. Sweeney, Chairman of Next Media Group. “The DSODentist platform will elevate the dialogue in an expanding segment of dentistry at this critical time, shape the market’s understanding of the DSO practice, and support its users’ continued professional development.”

In, Next Media Group will bring to market new online services designed to help dental professionals accomplish the following:

  • Understand the value proposition, classification and characteristics of a large group dental practice;
  • Share dedicated tools and member services that encourage learning and inspire leadership in the DSO-supported practice; and
  • Leverage social connectivity to share and engage with like-minded professionals, peers, and/or mentors.

Breaking new ground in the field, the platform will serve as a destination for industry news, practical insights, and objective resources. Additionally, it will provide a fully mobilised experience and establish an integrated gateway to assist new practitioners from the inception of their careers and throughout their professional lifecycles. Key features of the platform include a live and archived training continuum, a suite of employment tools for those seeking and posting jobs, and automated technologies to manage licensure and compliance requirements.

“Establishing access to innovation, credible information, and connectivity amongst this community through a platform such as is essential for industry, educators, and dental professionals,” said Mr. Tom Olsen, President and General Manager, Nobel Biocare – North America.

In 2011, Next Media Group launched the first online community dedicated to the dental student—THE NEXTDDS. This resource for peer exchange and professional development has been embraced by over 15,000 dental students and recent graduates, which will serve as a gateway to this new audience. The NJ-based company attributes the launch of the new DSO platform to the profession’s growing focus on the large group practice model. Approximately 8,000 dentists – nearly 25 per cent of new graduates – are now employed in DSO-supported practices. As this practice model becomes increasingly relevant to the future of dentistry and expanding patient access to care, is positioned for widespread adoption from dentists and professional stakeholders throughout the industry.

Next Media Group to launch website and app for dental professionals and providers. (PRNewsFoto/Next Media Group)