Nobel Biocare Enhances Edentulous Solutions Offering with Locator R-Tx™ Attachment System

Nobel Biocare is further advancing its comprehensive product range for edentulous treatment with the Locator R-Tx™ Removable Denture Attachment System. Locator R-Tx™ will be officially launched for Nobel Biocare implants at the company’s Global Symposium in New York, taking place on June 23 to 26, 2016.

Locator R-Tx™ is an evolution of the successful Locator® Attachment System. This next-generation attachment offers clinicians a number of advantages versus its predecessor. These include the new DuraTec™ titanium carbon nitride coating. DuraTec™ is harder and more wear-resistant than the nitride coating of the legacy Locator® and is designed to reduce roughness.

The Locator R-Tx™ system eliminates the need for pre-angled abutments. Its redesigned attachment housing is able to pivot up to 30° over the seated Locator R-Tx™ nylon retention inserts, allowing up to 60° convergence or divergence between implants. The attachment housing also incorporates flats and grooves to prevent dislodgement of the denture and is anodised to give it a pink colour, which can help improve aesthetics.

Seating is aided by the narrow coronal geometry of the attachment, while dual retentive surfaces support strong engagement. For convenience, all the required components are delivered together, with abutment and processing components held separately in one double-ended vial. With an industry-standard .050″/1.25mm hex-drive mechanism, no special drivers are required.

The Locator R-Tx™ attachment system is available for Nobel Biocare implants with internal conical, tri-channel and external hex connection.

Mr. Hans Geiselhöringer, President, Nobel Biocare and Dental Imaging, said: “By combining improved performance, aesthetics and ease of use for both clinician and patient, the Locator R-Tx™ Attachment System is an ideal addition to the Nobel Biocare product range.

“As leaders in the treatment of edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous patients, and the company behind both the All-on-4® treatment concept and zygomatic implant treatment, we know that developments in this area have a huge impact on quality of life for patients. We are therefore delighted to offer our customers yet another innovation that is designed to further improve treatment quality.”

Locator R-Tx™ is available to purchase from Nobel Biocare in CE-accepting markets, the US and Canada, as of June 1, 2016, and in additional markets as of June 23, 2016. In relevant markets, Locator R-Tx™ will be available to purchase from Dental professionals are advised to contact their local Nobel Biocare representative to confirm availability.