Oclean launches Oclean W10 Water Flosser, expanding usage scenarios to multiple possibilities

Oclean, the pioneer of the smart oral and dental care industry, has launched a stylish and compact water flosser – Oclean W10 with more flexibility, portability, and stability. By upgrading the look of traditional water flosser, Oclean is reaching and covering more younger users’ needs for them to achieve fresh breath and dental health anytime and anywhere at ease.

Oclean W10: Stylish water flosser that caters to all scenarios

Oclean W10 water flosser is designed specifically for multiple scenarios. The minimalism concept and the hand strap design make it convenient to use at the home, office, or on a trip. As dental care is increasingly taken into consideration, a versatile water flosser that fits in all different occasions is what all urban millennials need.

At 1400 pulses per min, Oclean W10 delivers 0.66mm waterjet to efficiently and precisely clean food debris between teeth. The powerful waterjet can easily reach the area that toothbrushes cannot, bringing an unprecedented care experience to the oral, teeth, and gums.

Additionally, Oclean W10 is particularly advantageous for braces users. It features five distinctive floss modes and four high-performance nozzles, including an Orthodontics Nozzle designed to tackle any brace-associated problems. With nozzles that take care of gums and tongue, Oclean W10 customises, optimises, and perfects a personal dental cleaning routine.

The detachable water tank design makes it easier to clean, and the tight lock ensures zero water leakage crisis whenever and wherever possible. The 200ml water tank, quick charging and 30-days battery life are particularly travel-ready for those who are always on the move.

The see-through water tank that makes the remaining water volume noticeable is a considerate design. It reminds users whenever the water is running low and provides a more intelligent and hassle-free floss experience.

Oclean flow: Entry-level electric toothbrush with a battery that lasts 180 days

With the launch of the Oclean W10 water flosser, Oclean is also releasing an upgraded electric toothbrush Oclean Flow with a battery life that can last 180 days, which means users will only need to charge it twice a year. Even with all the technological innovation and customer-oriented R&D efforts, Oclean has chosen an accessible entry-level electric toothbrush that most people or even students could afford.

With a maglev motor up to 38000rpm, Oclean flow delivers strong cleaning power and efficiency at an accessible price range. It has five high-performance modes, providing delicate cleaning solutions to tackle various dental problems; morning and night modes with different vibration intensities and frequencies to better protect the gums and teeth; and a two-minute smart timer to safeguard the teeth and gums and ensure the most precise care and avoid any possible damage.