Odne appoints director ahead of program launch at AAE meeting

With the scheduled launch of its Priority Access Program (PAP) during the upcoming American Association of Endodontists (AAE) annual meeting from 17-20 Apr in Los Angeles, US, Odne has announced the appointment of Joe Werner as director of strategic accounts.

(Image: Odne)

With over 20 years of experience in the dental industry, Werner brings a wealth of expertise in key areas such as Key Opinion Leader (KOL) development, endodontics, relationship management, and navigating the dynamic landscape of Dental Service Organizations (DSOs).

“Joe’s dedication to advancing the field of endodontics, and his commitment to fostering relationships within the industry, align perfectly with Odne Inc’s mission,” said Dr Andreas Schmocker, CEO and founder of Odne. “His extensive background in KOL development underscores his ability to drive strategic initiatives and build influential networks that will contribute to the company’s growth and success. Joe’s understanding of the DSO market positions Odne Inc to effectively navigate this rapidly evolving sector.”

Odne’s PAP will enable a selected group of endodontic specialists to receive first access to the clinical use of Odne’s technology platform for root canal obturation: OdneFill and OdneCure. According to the company, the PAP associates will form the core of Odne’s scientific community which aims to transform endodontics. One initiative of the PAP is to perform a clinical case registry, collecting further scientific knowledge on the clinical use of Odne’s devices.

OdneFill is the first FDA cleared light-curing, injectable endodontic obturation material. OdneFill is a hydrogel, a class of biomaterials known for their excellent biocompatibility and hydrophilicity. Due to its water-like viscosity and the ultra-high hydrophilicity in its uncured state, it can flow into complex endodontic structures, such as isthmuses, deltas, C-shaped canals. Once cured with OdneCure, the corresponding micro-laser curing device, it provides gap-free root canal sealing and long-term obturation.

OdneFill and OdneCure are cleared for use in the US only. All other Odne devices are currently in development and have not received approval for clinical use.

“We are excited to present our innovative Root Preservation Therapy at the AAE annual meeting to the endo specialist community for the first time,” said Holger Essig, GM global marketing of Odne. “The majority of Odne’s Swiss R&D and Product Management Team will be present to educate on the clinical application of our game-changing technology platform. The support we receive from our KOLs, partners, and investors and the interest of the endo community in our Priority Access Program, is amazing. We are very thankful for the backing we receive in transforming endo.”

Founded in 2018, Odne’s journey began by licensing cutting-edge technology assets from the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Lausanne and Zürich.

Odne aims to pioneer the future of endodontics through advanced technology and innovative solutions. The company is also backed by venture capital funds focusing on the healthcare and dental industry. Odne recently announced on 13 Mar the closing of a US$5.5m series A1 financing to fund its US market launch.

According to the company, root canal treatments have long posed challenges for dentists, with traditionally low success rates ranging from 46-91%. With over 60 million annual treatments worldwide, these failures result in significant healthcare costs. Odne’s technology platform addresses these issues by offering treatment options for both dentists and their patients. Odne’s medical device portfolio, slated for launch in the US in 2024, tackles problems such as the debridement and obturation of complex root canal morphologies.

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