OraPharma launches MyPerioHealth™ Patient Education Application

OraPharma, a leading oral care company of Bausch Health Companies Inc., has announced the United States launch of the MyPerioHealth™ app, a first-of-its kind interactive oral health educational tool that allows patients a quick and easy way to understand the stage and grade of periodontal disease on a single, digital platform at the point of care in conjunction with their dental professionals.

“The MyPerioHealth™ education app was designed as a resource for dental professionals when using the Periodontal Staging and Grading Guidelines established by the American Academy of Periodontology to help encourage dialogue and offer an interactive oral health assessment in a patient friendly, portable way,” said Dinesh Guglani, vice-president and general manager of OraPharma. “By responding to a series of short questions, a patient and their dental care professional can obtain a wealth of important information regarding the patient’s periodontal health status, including the stage and grade, which are vital for treatment planning and determining the maintenance interval to help manage the disease.”

The AAP Guidelines are intended for patients who have already been diagnosed with periodontitis. The MyPerioHealth™ app complements manual staging and grading by streamlining data collection and automating calculations using the American Academy of Periodontology guidelines. The app will increase patients’ awareness of gum disease by encouraging dialogue and collaboration between dental professionals and their patients.

“The MyPerioHealth™ app will help enhance the understanding of periodontal disease by providing patients with the ability to have greater understanding and ownership of their disease. Armed with their periodontal score and the ramifications of unchecked periodontal disease, we believe patients will be more accepting of the treatment recommendations they receive from their doctors,” continued Guglani.

Designed for use on a tablet or cell phone, the MyPerioHealth™ app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Amazon Appstore. A web-based version can also be accessed at the MyPerioHealth website.