Overjet partners with Affinity Dental Management

The New England-based DSO adds Overjet’s AI-powered, real-time x-ray analysis to its practices to improve patient care and practice efficiency.

Overjet has partnered with Affinity Dental Management to provide its practices with Overjet’s AI-powered radiograph analysis solution designed to help drive optimal patient care, clinical excellence, and practice efficiency.

Overjet is the only dental AI company that is FDA-cleared for both quantifying bone level measurements to aid in the diagnosis of periodontal disease and for detecting and outlining caries (cavities) on x-rays.

“As clinicians, we are trained to utilise radiographs to help us find and visualise dental disease or anomalies,” said Dr Mariz Tanious, dental director for Affinity Dental Management. “Overjet is a tool that adds quantification and will assist in identifying areas that may have potential dental disease.”

“As a company, we want to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry by implementing technology in our offices,” said Dr Tanious. “Overjet’s dental AI platform will provide our doctors with an advantage like no other.”

Affinity Dental Management has 35 affiliated practices and more than 70 dentists providing general dentistry and specialty services to families in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and New York. Its mission is to provide superior service, advanced training, and cutting-edge technology to its providers and patients. It was recently named to the Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies list for the third time.

“Affinity Dental Management has a well-earned reputation for providing comprehensive dental care under one roof,” said Dr Terri Dolan, chief dental officer at Overjet. “We’re proud to partner with them in their mission to improve patient care and practice efficiency.”