Pac-Dent introduces Rodin Bond dental adhesive

Dental product provider Pac-Dent has announced an expansion of the Rodin product line with the launch of Rodin Bond dental adhesive system. The Rodin Bond is a versatile light-cured dental adhesive which incorporates glass filler technology, to reportedly improve bond strength and performance beyond that of conventional unfilled adhesive systems. This high bond strengthen is achieved by deeply permeating dentin tubules and reinforcing the hybrid zone.

Its versatility extends to a wide range of dental materials, including dentin, enamel, composites, zirconia, and various dental metals commonly used in porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and bridges.

Rodin Bond
The new bonding solution is compatible with both direct and indirect restorations, and is optimised for use with 3D printed indirect cases (Image: Pac-Dent)

The new bonding system is also designed to work in conjunction with Pac-Dent’s Rodin Sensiguard. The 2-in-1 desensitiser and primer is said to promote robust bonding while sealing dentin tubules to prevent sensitivity, and reducing the risk of caries formation beneath the restoration. The integration of Rodin Sensiguard with Rodin Bond increases the shear bond strength and adhesion on both direct and indirect surfaces, which aims to extend the lifespan of dental restorations.

Both Rodin Bond and Rodin Sensiguard are designed with efficiency featuring bottles feature with a flip-top cap design that for clinicians to precisely dispense a single drip of adhesive with a single hand. Furthermore, Pac-Dent’s unit-dose packaging helps preserve the integrity of the adhesive material by shielding it from air and moisture, which aims to provide consistent and reliable bonding results.

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