Pearl and Unident partner to bring AI dental pathology detection to the Nordic markets

Pearl, the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in dental care, and Unident, the leading imaging technology and digital dental care distributor in the Nordic region, have partnered to market Pearl’s AI dental radiology solutions Second Opinion® and Practice Intelligence®, integrated into the workflow of Unident’s popular Onepix® imaging software, and as standalone solutions.

The software integration is the first of its kind available to patients and practitioners in the Nordic market, bringing the full range of benefits of AI-assisted clinical care to a practitioner cohort that, in other aspects of dental care, has established itself as among the most tech-forward in the world.

“Our work with Unident is the start of a new era of dental technology in the Nordic region,” said Ophir Tanz, chief executive officer and founder of Pearl. “Offering our dental AI technologies through Unident and integrated with Onepix® gives dentists the most advanced imaging toolset available. We look forward to officially launching this collaboration and seeing the broad reaching benefits for dentistry in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.”

Pearl’s Second Opinion® software provides AI detection assistance for an array of conditions, which include carries, bone loss and periapical radiolucency and among others –giving practitioners a more powerful lens through which to view radiographs. It will be fully integrated into Unident’s Onepix® imaging software, enabling dentists to bring AI to bear in their clinical workflow in real-time.

Integral AI pathology detection is the next logical step for dental imaging, explained Tanz: “The doctors who employ it will be able to derive better, more consistent insights from dental imagery, allowing them to deliver higher quality and more standardized care for patients.”

Unident is also offering Second Opinion® to dental practitioners as a standalone solution to allow the dental industry at large to enjoy the benefits of AI-assisted radiology.

“One of our main goals has always been to ensure that dentists are able to focus solely on providing the best possible patient care and not worry about the intricacies of technology,” said Carola Sturesson, chief product officer of Unident. “Through our partnership with Pearl, we’re helping those in the industry embrace the future of dentistry and incorporate the most innovative solutions in order to streamline and improve their practices.”

To that end, Unident will also be introducing Pearl’s Practice Intelligence® AI clinical performance solution to Nordic dentistry. Applying AI radiologic analysis in conjunction with patient treatment data, Practice Intelligence® delivers an array of actionable patient care insights that facilitate efficiencies in clinical operations and enable practices to identify and schedule additional necessary treatment.

The Pearl-Unident partnership is the latest in a series of global developments for Pearl, which has in recent months received clearances in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe for its novel dental AI technologies.