Pearl to introduce ground-breaking AI to Australian and New Zealand dentistry

Pearl, the leader in AI (artificial intelligence) solutions for efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in dental care, has received authorisation to introduce its Second Opinion® AI solution to the Australian and New Zealand dental markets. The clearances from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and New Zealand’s Medical Devices Safety Authority (MEDSAFE) following the European CE marking Second Opinion® was received earlier this year for use as an assistive tool in dental radiology.

The announced clearances signal growing recognition of AI’s utility in clinical dentistry. Pearl – a driving force behind AI’s emergence in the dental category – developed Second Opinion® to aid dentists in their evaluation of patient X-rays. The tool applies radiologic computer vision to highlight potential areas of interest, giving dentists a second set of eyes when reading X-rays, both to help dentists ensure that patient care decisions are based on the strongest foundation possible and to give a new level of assurance when communicating findings to patients.

“Patients in Australia and New Zealand will soon have the opportunity to experience AI during dental appointments and gain assurance that they are receiving the best diagnosis and treatment plan based on their individual needs,” said Ophir Tanz, chief executive officer and founder of Pearl. “Our Second Opinion® technology enables dentists to perform their job more confidently, see more patients and ensure a higher standard of need-based care. All of these factors are driving growth and better patient outcomes in dentistry.”

Second Opinion® detects a comprehensive array of pathologies, existing restorations and natural anatomy in dental X-rays. The system analyses the images upon capture, allowing dentists conducting exams to review Second Opinion® detections in real-time, as well as to add their own detections and remove any AI findings they consider unhelpful.