Planet DDS announces early success of AI for dental imaging

Planet DDS, a company in cloud-based software solutions for dental practices, has announced its implementation of new artificial intelligence (AI) capability within its Apteryx XVWeb Cloud Imaging Solution at over 200 dental office locations, including organisations with more than 60 locations. This innovation is made possible through its partnership with Overjet, a dental AI solution provider, bringing AI analysed images chairside for dental practices. One dental group, Willis & Associates Family Dentistry, is leading the adoption of this new technology.

As a group with 14 locations and growing, founder and CEO Dr James Willis recognised the need for a solution to streamline imaging processes and improve patient care. They implemented Apteryx XVWeb with AI and saw results with patients and staff.

“The AI capability is a game changer. We use it to show cavities and bone loss as we walk our patients through it. It is an objective look at their X-rays, so it is increasing case acceptance for our group,” said Dr Willis. “It also helps doctors diagnose consistently.”

Using Apteryx XVWeb with AI, Dr Willis and his team have been able to provide more transparency to their patients as they review x-rays and discuss treatment plans. The AI capability, which is also compatible with Denticon practice management solution, offers access to the AI analysed x-rays within the viewer, proving to be a tool for patient education. Additionally, the cloud-based solution has enabled clinicians at Willis & Associates to securely access and analyse patient data from any location, improving imaging workflows across locations.

“At Planet DDS, our mission is to deliver advancements in dental technology to improve patient care and help dental practices thrive,” said Eric Giesecke, CEO of Planet DDS.