Planmeca Romexis implant library installation packages available for download

Planmeca has announce a great improvement to its Planmeca Romexis implant library – the individual installation packages for each implant manufacturer can now be downloaded directly on the Planmeca website. The packages include installers for both Windows and macOS, and the installers are compatible with Romexis 5.0 or newer.

From now on, a specific implant manufacturer’s implants, sleeves, etc. can be individually installed into the Planmeca Romexis implant library, instead of installing the full Romexis implant library which contains implants from over a hundred manufacturers.

Customers with the Romexis 3D Implant module will be able to download and install the packages to their implant library themselves on the Romexis server computer.

Benefits of individual installation packages and direct download include:

  • Time-to-market for new implants and updates will be much shorter than before
  • Customers can access the installation packages immediately after release
  • The package size is only 30 to 60MB compared to the previous extensive implant library package
  • Installation is faster when installing one manufacturer instead of the full library
  • Customers will only have the implants they need in the Romexis implant library list, which eases the use

The content of each manufacturer-specific installation package can be found on the Romexis implant library website.