Polaroid DDS Imaging Software reaches milestone of 150,000 worldwide users

Polaroid HealthCare has announced that the Polaroid DDS Dental Imaging Software has just gone over 150,000 users. Sold worldwide under various brand names in over 50 countries, it is available in over 25 languages. Polaroid HealthCare just recently introduced this premium Dental Imaging Suite to the US Dental market under the names Polaroid DDS lite, and Polaroid DDS Pro.

More than just a dental X-ray capture software, DDS Pro is designed to provide a quick and simple, yet complete case presentation to the patient for them to be better educated and involved.

DDS Pro incorporates the latest in medical and dental imaging algorithms and filters to get the most out of any brand of 2D imaging products, such as intraoral sensors, psp plates, film, intraoral camera’s, digital extraoral cameras, and panoramic/cephalometric, all via direct integration. No need for Twain drivers with most brands, since they have provided their direct integration drivers.

DDS Pro links to most Practice Management programmes via connections created by the major PM software companies. Universal Name and Data grabbers are not required.