Practo Expands Footprint, Introducing Two Award-Winning Healthcare Apps in Brazil

The company simplifies healthcare access for millions of consumers in Latin America’s biggest market, and streamlines clinic/patient management for private practitioners

Practo team elated for the launch

Practo, the world’s leading healthcare platform, announced its official entry into Brazil, the largest market in Latin America and the 5th largest economy in the world.

Practo will start with São Paulo, the most populous city and the financial centre in Brazil, bringing two of its award-winning products – Practo Search and Practo Ray, to the market. They will be available in Portuguese and English to ensure consumers and healthcare professionals in Brazil can leverage both versions with ease.

Practo Search enables consumers to search through its verified database of doctors, and find the one that is right for them. Consumers can conduct searches using doctors’ name, specialisation, symptom, as well as the type of insurance they accept. Once they get results, consumers can click on the Practo Profile for each professional or establishment to receive more details including years of experience, qualifications, affiliations and specialisations, as well as see clinic photos and get GPS coordinates of location for easy turn-by-turn navigation directly from within the Practo App or on the web. Through Practo’s app and website, consumers will be able to search through over 5500 verified doctors, nearly 50 per cent of all clinics in Sao Paulo.

Practo’s goal is to list all healthcare professionals in Brazil. To make sure the data is reliable, Practo’s local team combs through every street to collect and verify information of healthcare professionals to ensure that all listed doctors are legitimate and certified. Practo verifies and lists doctors for free, and does not charge consumers or doctors to find/book/receive appointments.

Going forward, Practo will continue to add more doctors on the platform in São Paulo. In the second half of 2016, Practo plans to make foray to Rio de Janeiro, and eventually to all large cities in Brazil. Additionally, Practo will also expand its consumer offering to cover more healthcare segments such as wellness, fitness, preventive and curative segments. Consumers will be able to access all Practo offerings through the Practo app – a single go-to resource for their healthcare and wellness needs.

Practo is also launching Practo Ray, the cloud-based practice management solution of choice for tens of thousands of doctors and clinics around the world managing millions of patients every year. It simplifies and automates practice management so doctors can focus on what they do best – treating and caring for their patients. Practo Ray helps simplify scheduling, calendaring, billing and inventory management for doctors. It also helps create digital health care records and prescriptions so consumers always have their healthcare history available to them, right inside the app. Practo Ray is available at a subscription fee of around 200 USD per month.

Practo is fundamentally disrupting healthcare by combining a strong B2B software product, Practo Ray, which is tightly integrated with its much loved consumer offering Practo Search. This creates the world’s first and only healthcare hyperloop connecting the entire healthcare ecosystem and helping millions of consumers make better healthcare decisions every month.

Practo is currently in 15 countries and over 50 cities around the world. It lists over 200,000 doctors, 10,000 hospitals, 8,000 diagnostic centres, and over 4,000 wellness centres globally. The company receives over 10M searches a month across its website and apps.

Practo is the market leader in Singapore, listing over 6,000 doctors in the country, which translates to about 80 per cent coverage. The company has seen appointment bookings grow 3.5 times over the last two quarters, and over a million people from Singapore have used Practo’s apps, which is around 20 per cent of the total population. This is a huge validation of the value that Practo provides to both consumers and doctors.

“After our success in the South East Asia markets, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve millions of consumers in Brazil and  simplify healthcare experience for doctors and consumers simultaneously. Over the next few months we will expand our coverage and product lines to enable consumers to make better healthcare decisions and live healthier lives.” – Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo.