Practo Launches Practo Ray with Speciality-Specific Modules

Practo Ray is now customised for physicians, paediatricians and dentists


Practo, Asia’s leading healthcare platform announced the launch of Practo Ray with speciality-specific modules for physicians, paediatricians and dentists. These modules are aimed at significantly improving the quality of care that doctors can provide to millions of consumers and have been designed in close collaboration with doctors. Over the next few months, Practo Ray will cover more specialities including ophthalmology and gynaecology.

The new specialities will be available in Singapore, the Philippines and India. Additionally, the services will be available across more geographical segments including over 100 Indian cities and countries across South East Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Eastern Europe.


For physicians

Practo Ray for physicians will improve doctors’ ability to treat more patients in a day. This unique service will enable doctors to digitally prescribe lab tests, generate digital lab reports and check the real-time status of patients’ test. It also includes nearly 100,000 commonly prescribed medicines and brands, thereby allowing the doctor to find and prescribe the right medicine in seconds.

Practo Ray for physicians will further help doctors take chronic care to the next level. The service also enables doctors to prescribe lifestyle advice by using pre-set templates for all common chronic diseases. This advice can be easily emailed directly to patients as a digital prescription into their secure Practo health account. Additionally, the regular reminder notification feature ensures that the patient does not miss their medicine dosage and also follows up on the treatment advice on time, vastly improving disease management and recovery.

“Practo Ray provides better accessibility than other available practice management software. Easy to adapt and use, we recommend Practo Ray to other doctors.” – Dr. Daniel Teo, Singapore

For paediatricians

Immunisations play a vital role in protecting children against serious infections and disease outbreaks, and have now brought under control most of the diseases that were once considered debilitating and fatal. Practo Ray and paediatricians on Practo recognise the importance and value of immunising your children on time.

Practo Ray Paediatric EMR uses five automated WHO standard growth charts. It helps parents document their child’s growth pattern including length/height-for-age, weight-for-age, weight-for-length, weight-for-height and body mass index-for-age. These records will be stored on the child’s Practo account and can be accessed, updated and shared with other doctors as and when required.

Practo Ray Paediatric EMR also enables parents to receive automated vaccination reminders – by simply filling in the child’s DOB, the software will be able to generate a vaccination schedule for ten years automatically. This will get recorded on the child’s Practo account, which parents can access to ensure they do not miss on a child’s vaccination date.

“Practo Ray’s appointment system provides us with accessibility on the go. It has made running our clinic more efficient.”– Dr. Geraldine Lee, The Orthodontic Clinic, Singapore

For dentists

Practo Ray Dental EMR allows dentists to stay in control of high-value procedures such as crowns, bridges and dentures, monitor and update the status of lab orders conveniently on a single dashboard, control revenue flow, stay abreast with all the pending lab orders and upcoming procedures, easily schedule appointments with patients depending on the status of their orders, and as a result of all of this, the patients’ waiting time is reduced and unwanted visits are eliminated.

Additionally, the service also provides a feature called Dental Charting – a visual documentation tool to map the current dental health of a patient. It helps dental practitioners easily create a visual documentation of observations, continue using familiar notations with customisable legends and freehand tools, educate patients with visual images, document the current state, monitor the progress and ensure the best care. Consumers can also view the entire procedure, get their digital dental records, dental procedure updates, test reports and prescription details on the Practo app automatically without having to collect it from the clinic or get it via email.

“Practo Ray helps manage last minute modifications by doctors and patients, resulting in fewer no-shows and more satisfied patients.” – Dr. Tony Tng, TP Dental Surgeons, Singapore

At the launch, Practo has 150 paediatricians who have generated over 180,000 growth charts and approximately 97,000 immunisation reminders to date. There are over 70 dentists using the Dental EMR product to manage 2,400 lab orders and over 1,200 dental charts as well.

“We’re on a mission to help mankind live healthier, longer lives. With the launch of Practo Ray for specialities, we will be able to provide better tools to doctors and significantly improve patient care for some of the biggest healthcare issues plaguing our country, including controlling lifestyle diseases and ensuring immunisations for infants and children. Over the next few quarters, we will continue to bring focused solutions to more specialities and improve efficiencies for doctors and help them treat more patients more effectively,” said Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo.